Internet goes crazy over 'Orange Is The New Black' cancellation hoax


World goes crazy over Orange Is The New Black bogus newsLast weekend the internet was buzzing over the news that the Netflix comedy-drama series 'Orange Is The New Black' was cancelled.

Twitter was going crazy with comments and outrage over the cancellation.  Adding to the insanity was the fact that the article by Empire News last Friday "Netflix Pulls Plug On Orange Is The New Black"  was bogus.  Empire News is one of a new genre of websites that does not report news, it creates news, purposely bogus news.

You might recall that a year ago when news of Paul Walker's tragic accident was being reported there was quite a bit of confusion because the day before the real accident involving Paul Walker took place there was a bogus news report regarding Paul Walker.

"Orange Is The New Black" was NOT canceled, and the folks at Netflix had to make public statements to reassure their fans that the news was indeed a hoax.

If you are wondering why all the fuss over the hoax, perhaps you have been living under a rock, or simply asleep at the keyboard while driving through cyberspace over the past year.  "Orange Is the New Black" is a Netflix comedy-drama series about life in a women's prison.  Even though the series is on internet based Netflix it competes with traditional television quite well, recently receiving 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

How is hating Windows 8 like the fantasy movie Avatar

Avatar was all eye candyHere's a cross brain conundrum for you, how does reading a technology article hating Windows 8 get you thinking about the fantasy movie Avatar?

I remember watching the movie Avatar for the first time in all its 3D digital glory at the movie theater. After it was over I turned to my daughter and said, I felt like I just watched Pocahontas with special effects.

Within a few weeks after watching Avatar there were websites popping up all over saying that Avatar was essentially the same script as Pocahontas. It made me laugh.


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