How is hating Windows 8 like the fantasy movie Avatar

Avatar was all eye candyHere's a cross brain conundrum for you, how does reading a technology article hating Windows 8 get you thinking about the fantasy movie Avatar?

I remember watching the movie Avatar for the first time in all its 3D digital glory at the movie theater. After it was over I turned to my daughter and said, I felt like I just watched Pocahontas with special effects.

Within a few weeks after watching Avatar there were websites popping up all over saying that Avatar was essentially the same script as Pocahontas. It made me laugh.

Bob Costas eye infection more popular than The Day We Fight Back

The Day We Fight BackBob Costas' eye infection is a hot topic on the internet.

Important internet issues like an anti-surveillance web protest often get ignored.

Such is the nature of the world, and a commentary on what seems to be important on the internet.

Many people may have found these remarks because they were looking for information on NBC sports announcer Bob Costas who reported in from the Winter Olympics in Sochi,  Russia, over the weekend with an eye infection that has made both his eyes red and swollen.

I really enjoy watching the Winter Olympics, and I do not wish any illness or injury on Bob Costas.   But seriously folks, is Bob Costas' eye infection the most important news on the internet?

Well, actually, it may be to some people.  The terms "Bob Costas eye infection" were trending in the top ten of most internet lists of hot topics over the last few days.

If you found these remarks because you were looking for an update on Bob Costas, please take just a minute to read on before you leave disappointed.


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