TomEchoes are a sympathetic response. They are an imitation of some one else's thoughts or feelings. When I repeat someone else's words, they are not echoes, but reincarnations.

 Reincarnations are channeling souls through bodies, and when I use the quote of a philosopher, I do not simply state it, I relive it. I do not sympathize with many, but I do try to empathize with those I call friend. I try to feel their thoughts, not just merely acknowledge them.

When I first read the Oliver Wendell Holmes quote, " Man's mind once stretched, never goes back to it's original dimension," I embraced it with my soul. It is one phrase that best describes my mission in life.

Another concept the "will to believe" from the philosophy of William James, has also inspired my writing. My goal is not meant to echo that philosophy, but to relive it's meaning through my heart and soul.

 I often describe myself as a cross between Bob Seger and Confucius. I see Confucius as a Billy Joel, "piano man", kind of rock and roll philosopher.

I also identify with the rock and roll "power ballads" of Bob Seger and Jim Steinman. I trust most rock listeners are familiar with Bob Seger, and for those of you who don't recognize the name Jim Steinman, if you've listened to any rock ballads, you've heard Steinman. He's most famous for the Meatloaf albums Bat Out of Hell 1 and 2. Steinman has also written a few hits for Bonnie Tyler, and Celine Dion.

The music of our soul, highlighted by a power piano ballad. That's who I am.