Questy reveals the ugly truth about upgrading to Windows 10

Questy says Relax! Step away from your computer.Please don't be angry about Windows 10. All that anger is not good for you!

I am really excited about Windows 10, and hope to upgrade at least one of my computers to Windows 10 very soon.  I was looking back at the articles I wrote in October on the release of Windows 10, as well as reading some current articles in various online publications. I was reading the article "10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10" and starting reading all the mean comments left on the article about how horrible Windows 10 will be.

How sad, everyone seems to be mad, all the anger. Life is too short to be so angry about a computer operating system that you feel the need to post endless complaints about it.

It's only a computer operating system. Having so much hate towards a computer operating system isn't healthy.

Step away from your computer. Put your smartphone down. Take a walk in the woods, relax!

What is the ugly truth about upgrading to Windows 10?

The ugly truth about upgrading to Windows 10, no one will force you to upgrade. You can keep your Windows 8 operating system, and continue to leave remarks accross the internet on how Windows 8 sucks.

Spare yourself the upgrade anxiety.  If you don't like Microsoft, don't use Windows 10. If all you want to do is surf the net and rant about how much Microsoft sucks, you really should buy a Chromebook.

Instead of banning the Confederate flag why not ban the IRS

President Lincoln created the IRS in 1862 to pay for the Civil WarThe new debate over banning the Confederate flag was recently fueled by a photo of 21-year-old shooter Dylann Roof holding a gun and a Confederate flag. Dylann Roof murdered nine people at their church in in Charleston, South Carolina claiming he wanted to instigate a race war.

According to CNN, the push to ban the Confederate flag "are the latest indication that the flag, a symbol of the slave-holding South, has become toxic in the aftermath" of the recent shooting.

Some people see the Confederate flag as a symbol of southern pride and point to television shows like the Dukes of Hazzard where the theme was "Just some good old boys, never meaning no harm."

There have been many people asking for the Confederate flag to be removed from public places and government offices. There are people who want all symbols of the American Civil War to be eliminated because any reference to the war is symbolic of slavery.

There will be a lot of debate in the weeks ahead as we sort out the symbols of southern pride from the memories of a country that supported slavery.

To those who will be screaming to rename highways and high schools named after southern generals, I would ask you to focus on banning the IRS.

Did you know President Lincoln created the IRS in 1862 to pay for the Civil War?

The Revenue Act of 1862 was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on July 1, 1862.  The revenue-raising measure was passed by the United States Congress to help pay for the American Civil War.


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