Disney says screw you to American IT workers with H-1B immigrants

Screw You MickeyWalt Disney World laid off 250 IT workers, replacing them with immigrants on temporary visas working for lower pay.

The incoming immigrants on temporary H-1B visas were brought in by an outsourcing firm based in India. In many cases the Disney employees were required to train their replacements to do the jobs they had lost.

A New York Times article tells the story of a 57-year-old man with more than 10 years at Disney who lost his job. The former Disney employee worked in project management and software development, and his skills include a command of seven operating systems, 15 program languages and more than two dozen other applications and media. He displayed a list of 18 jobs in the company he had applied for. He had not had more than an initial conversation on any one.

Does it really matter whether Disney does it, or some other company?

A lot of people are quick to point out it's not just Disney. Yea, I know it's not just Disney, but you would hope a company like Disney would have more sense.  Yes, it does matter more, because it is Disney, where dreams come true. Tell that to the experienced 57 year old in the article who was forced into early retirement.

Disney's site brags that "Forbes recently reported that The Walt Disney Company ranked in the top spot of the World’s Most Reputable Companies"  and Disney was named one of the "World’s Most Socially Responsible Companies."  Does making America’s Most Reputable Companies list, and World’s Most Socially Responsible Companies list. go hand in hand with supporting the H1B Visa program that displaces currently working American workers with "temporary" immigrants.

Eliminate names of politicians and political parties from headlines

American Politics: The political bickering solves nothing and is getting old.Looking at news headlines, it appears that any story the traditional news media runs that talks about legislation must highlight the battle between political parties.

Here are the first four words of a recent news headline, "Senate GOP Blocks Obama..."

... and the story that follows begins with, "Senate Republicans dealt President Obama..."

You could use these examples to illustrate numerous news stories that begin with the names of a political party or politician that is winning or losing over the names of the other political party or politician.

Numerous comments on articles point to "you Republicans" or "all you liberals" as the cause of all the problems in society.

The political parties and politicians aren't the winners and losers, the citizens of the United States of American are the winners and losers.

The political bickering solves nothing and is getting old.


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