Marc-Andre Fleury fans jump on criticism like piranha attacking fresh meat

Marc Andre Fluery

I just don't understand all the blind support Marc-Andre Fleury gets compared to other Pittsburgh athletes. Pittsburgh fans over the years have been quick to criticize under-performing athletes. 

Posting to a blog or news article a comment that supports my belief that Fleury is not the best choice for the goalie on the Pittsburgh Penguins I get attacked for my lack of understanding and the excuses start flying.

Replying back to Twitter posts with facts about Fleury I get attacked by new age cyberspace trolls who jump on me like piranha attacking fresh meat.

I am told I am just some bandwagon fan who doesn't understand. Perhaps they could define what do you call a bandwagon fan? I just didn't start following hockey.  Give me credit for being on the bandwagon for more than 40 years.

Marc-Andre Fleury may be an all around good guy. He might be fun at parties and a loyal friend.  That does not change my opinion that he is overpaid. In an age of salary caps performance must be tied to salary. When you make $5 million a year you are held to a standard of other players making the same amount.

Screwed up world gives more attention to licking taco shells than supreme court decision

The scales of justice
A picture of a Taco Bell employee caught licking a stack of taco shells is currently one of the hottest news topics.  If you type "Taco Bell" into Google news you see streams of news articles on the shell-licking employee by all the major news networks.

Scan social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, and you will see links to articles and blog post about the Taco Bell employee.

The fool who licked the taco shells at Taco Bell is getting the fame and attention he craved thanks to the media.  Thankfully he did not do anything violent to get this undeserved attention. At the end of the day, what impact will this story have on you?

Are you aware of the recent Supreme Court decision allowing a DNA sample to be taken when someone is arrested?


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