The NHL season is all but dead as optimism has turned to anger


Back in early October I wrote, NHL lockout: fans need to make some noise! on the website

I followed up about a month later with a blog post of, Because a lost NHL season is not something I want!

Here we are, two months later, and like many fans, optimism has turned to anger.

The NHL owners are proving a point

I read the news everyday.  I don't see remarks made by the owners. People tell me, hey the owners can't speak up because they are under a gag order by Commissioner Gary Bettman.

So what? Wake up people, who does Bettman answer to? Bettman is employed by the owners. How convenient.

People complain that Bettman has to be the worst commissioner ever.  Bettman does not represent himself, he represents the owners, he simply their mouthpiece, their servant. 

The NHL owners are simply trying to break the union.

Because a lost NHL season is not something I want!

Empty Net

With both sides in the NHL lockout whining about how far apart they were in the negotiations and the season in jeopardy, I was a bit surprised that there seemed to be very little grumbling about the lockout on social media. 

I wrote an article on the It's Only Sports website  NHL lockout: fans need to make some noise! I hoped to urge NHL fans to get vocal and make some noise about the NHL lockout. I also went through a handful of NHL players twitter accounts and tweeted to them a link to the article hoping to make some noise.

A very confused Twitter account sent me the following message, "It's harder still to respect someone who posts the same comment to every player. There's a word for this. TROLL."

Perhaps if the Twitter user had actually followed the link and read the article they would understand the whole purpose of my Twitter barrage. 

It was to make some noise! 

To make some noise not to cause any disruption to any forum or fan club like a troll, but to provoke hockey fans to tell their favorite player to not run off to another country to play hockey, but stand up and fight! 

I was asking the players to take the fight to owners, to fight for the fans that support them by buying jerseys and t-shirts with their favorite players name and number on it so the NHL has some revenue to share with them. 

We, the fans support the players. I would ask the players how does it show solidarity by the NHL Players Association when the players scatter to play hockey in another country while the fans wait for them to return. It is a slap in the face to the fans to who spend a weeks salary to take their family to a NHL game so the players can make millions when they return!

As another Twitter user I shared tweets with yesterday put it, " I'm going to take a stand to get back my hockey."  Because a lost NHL season is not something I want!


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