Best wishes for success in the New Year live long and prosper

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year from the Tao of QuestyBest wishes for a prosperous New Year. May you believe in your dreams and succeed in your efforts.

Science fiction geeks and baby boomers know the Vulcan salute from Star Trek followed by the phrase "live long and prosper" as a universal gesture of wishing one well. Leonard Nimoy, who played the character of Mr. Spock in the original television series Star Trek, said the salute was based on the Priestly Blessing known as raising of the hands he saw in an Orthodox synagogue when he was a child.

Society often associates being prosperous with being wealthy, and with wealth there is much distortion about what it means to be successful. As I read through various social media memes telling me the simple answers to the world's complex problems, I am told that being wealthy is often accompanied by greed, corruption, and hostility. The traditional media pundits and social media memes tell us people often sell their souls to achieve prosperity.

As I study the great inventors and industrialists as I work on my website Geek History I see animosity towards business people for being successful. Instead of seeing industrialists as people who take an invention and develop it into an industry, and create jobs, and grow an economy, the term industrialist is associated with arrogance and an inordinate amount of competitiveness.

Sadly the media spin here in the United States is "capitalism is evil." Then we should wonder why some people have a fear of success. I don't think when Mr. Spock said "live long and prosper" he was promoting stress and anxiety.

Every new year brings us a fresh start.

When I say I loved Detroit people really look surprised

Detroit Tigers Comerica ParkSome people take vacations at time shares or resorts, I go on road trips to explore new places. I Just came back from a road trip to the Detroit area, including downtown Detroit as well as the Dearborn area that included a stop at the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. 

It amazes me how bad the perception is of Detroit. We did not stay in downtown Detroit, but we drove to the city, I parked in the Greektown area, and walked around town for a few hours before going to a Tigers game. Detroit Tigers Comerica Park is really nice and we enjoyed walking through the GM Renaissance Center. I wish I had allocated more time to explore the downtown Detroit area, time went by quickly.

People asked me, how was Detroit, and when I say I loved it, they really look surprised. I really enjoyed my trip to the area, never felt threatened and was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Using travelers "common sense" of knowing where I am going and not venturing into new areas without a clue, I felt less threatened in Detroit that I have in many others cities. I'm sure there are nasty neighborhoods I did not see, but around the areas I was in, it was not bad at all. Of all the road trips I have taken in recent years, the Detroit area is one of the few I hope to plan a return visit.


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