The Story of Questy

The birth of "Questy" along with my quest for the origins of society grew out of a college writing assignment back in 1977, based on Golding's, Lord of the Flies. The point of my paper was that Lord of the Flies was a very poor model of society, and that his whole premise was wrong. This grew into my delving into studying the classics that tried to define society. My idea was there was no one "perfect" society, but in a perfect world a person could freely travel between different societies.

I started writing a science fiction novel about a group of characters who were traveling in this "perfect" world. Before Forrest Gump, or Sam the time traveler from the TV show "Quantum Leap" I was writing about a character, "Questy" who would very carefully explore, and question, the different models of society he would choose from, and along the way, he would some how have an effect on the persons he came in contact with, and above all, deal with his human nature. There was an implied tone that the other characters he came in contact with may or not be human.

About ten years later I brought Questy back to life as a character to illustrate some sales promotion articles I was writing. Questy was a time traveler in this reincarnation, who happened to be around when significant events happened in the history of sales promotion. In the 1980's as online services created handles and nicknames, I began using Questy as my alias. As online services exploded into the internet in the 1990's the merger of technology, and philosophy, and "Questy" tried to pull all these ideas together in my "Worlds of Questy" websites.

In April of 1997, I started a web site called the Tao and Zen of Questy, which became I figured the Tao of Questy could be the philosophical side of me. The original 10 or so pages were a collection of poems and songs I had written, with some photos of my kids used to illustrate them.

The Zen of Questy was the business side of me. So a folder "zen" was created to hold the business section. As I began teaching technology as well during this time period, a learn folder was created as well where I began to store the outlines for technology lessons.

In 1998, I registered to house the business and technology folders separately from my philosophical side. Originally called the Zen of Questy, the Business contains articles and commentaries on Capitalism and Communicating to assist people in using technology as a business tool.

Over a ten year period I was a part time community college instructor at two different campuses of Delaware Tech, as well as WorWic (Salisbury, MD). Through teaching, and use of my professional websites, I helped many small business people integrate technology into their lives and business on a limited budget. I sustained and expanded my areas of teaching by delivering a high quality product. I had a very high percentage of repeat students who were eager to take follow up courses.

For a brief period of time in 2006, I was working full time for a school district, part time for two different community colleges, and doing contract consulting for two different consulting firms. In July of 2006, I went full time with the one consulting company. Consulting has given me a lot of new experiences, and many new skills. Consulting was also very demanding. I was spending my entire week on the road, working on projects throughout Eastern PA, DE, NJ and MD. Even commuting between job sites during the week sometimes involves hundreds of miles of traveling on a daily basis.

Without teaching driving me to keep my sites up to date, and a new career path keeping busy, my "Worlds of Questy" websites were not getting updated. Rather than having a bunch of websites that for the most part were abandoned, I decided to tear down the websites until I had a chance to rebuild them.

The World of Questy is about sharing ideas and being a little bit crazy in order to stay sane.