The Tao of Questy

The concept of Questy has been used by me, Tom Peracchio, as an alter ego, to represent myself for many years.

In the 1980's as online services created handles and nicknames, I  began using Questy as my alias.  As I began developing web sites, and an  online identity, the colors green and purple, along with the Questy  character, have created my own brand identity.

In my philosophical adventures I had often used variations of the  name Questy, such as TaoQuest or PeraQuest (a word I coined to mean the  journey throughout the possibilities.)

I started reading the works of the great philosophers when I was old  enough to read. I took my first philosophy class back in high school. As  time goes on, I hope to organize my notes on philosophy to share with  those who care to learn, and for those who dare to dream.

Technology has been my profession for many years. Music and  philosophy have been my passions for my entire life. It only seems  natural that the two come together at my cyberspace home.

Questy's mission is to stretch your brain to see things in a  different perspective.  Even if you totally disagree with Questy, if you  think about a problem or idea in a way you never have before, he has  succeeded.

In search of new ideas to stretch my mind

You will often see the quote, "A man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions" attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes.

It is a thought I live by, always to be in search of a new idea to  stretch my mind. I use the internet to search for the truth, to find  answers to questions.

Speaking of the truth, it is interesting to note that on the internet  you will find that phrase often attributed to other people. The phrase  is most likely paraphrased from The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table  written in 1858 by Holmes. In Chapter XI you will find the line, "Every now and then a man's mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions."

I enjoy collecting tidbits of wisdom in the form of inspirational  quotes and sourcing their origins. The internet allows me to research  the origin of that thought more efficiently.

But the interent is simply a tool to store, collect, and organize the  information, the wisdom in that thought existed a century before the  internet existed.

The internet itself has no mind of its own, it has no soul, it is  simply a mirror that reflects our world. Many people don't like what  they see on the internet, so they want to break the mirror. Others chose  to do what they can to change the reflection.
Welcome to the Tao of Questy

The Tao of Questy is a collection of the personal thoughts  and  visions of the philosophic Questy. Some may be simple dreams, while  other are burning melodies of words and music pouring through my soul. 

Although this site is called the Tao of Questy, it's not necessarily  about Taoism, or any specific philosophy for that matter. As part of the  Guru 42 universe, the Tao of Questy is the slightly off center corner  of the Universe.

The Tao of Questy is about love and laughter and being human. It's  about sharing ideas and being a little bit crazy in order to stay sane.  To quote a famous fellow philosopher, Voltaire, "I laugh to keep myself  from going mad."

The World of Questy is about sharing ideas and being a little bit crazy in order to stay sane.