Election over civil war in America not likely democracy is safe

Democracy is safeIn the days leading up to the election I avoided social media. I was really tired of hearing about Clinton and Trump. Even watching sporting events became an endless barrage of political commercials that had me turning off the television.

After cruising some online forums and reading Facebook rants,  I offer some thoughts of my own on the aftermath of election 2016.

People protesting democracy?

On one forum someone asked, "Why people are protesting democracy?"  I answered by asking my own questions. "Are people protesting democracy?  Or are people protesting because of democracy?"

Then I offered this quote by Hubert Humphrey, 38th Vice President of the United States, Address to the National Student Council, 1965:   "I wish to suggest that ample opportunity does exist for dissent, for protest, and for nonconformity. But I must also say that the right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously."

Protests will lead to civil war?

Another comment I saw a few times is that the protests would lead to civil war. Protests seldom do much in the long run because real change takes work. Look around at all the Facebook memes, this is a world of quick and easy answers.

I hear a lot of people making noise today about how the system is broken. The same arguments were made after Bush v. Gore in 2000. Ask your average American who is upset today what they remember about Bush v. Gore in 2000.

How many people complaining have ever been to a town council meeting?  Have asked for a meeting with their state representative to share their views? Have gone to a committee meeting of their local Democratic or Republic party to ask how they can make change happen?

If you think something is broken, you need to do more than complain about it. You need to find the answers to how can you fix it.

Giving the finger to the elite?

Another post bashed Trump supporters by stating "how are you giving the finger to the elite when electing a billionaire?"  I don't always see the political elite lining up with the so called 1% elite. Entertainers, movie stars and rock stars are part of top 1% financially and they definitely do not always line up on one side of the political elite.

I'm not here to split hairs on defining elite, but Trump is the first president to not have a background in politics or the military. He was not someone groomed for the job by his party. In that respect the Dems would have had a much greater chance of winning, and IMHO, would have won with Bernie, because he was not seen as a member of the political elite.

When this election cycle started, I thought, please no one named Clinton or Bush. I have nothing personal against the Bush family, but when there was a time that perhaps Jeb Bush was a possible nomination, I thought, please, time for someone not a member of the political elite.

Hillary Clinton was another matter. I held on to hope that someone would beat her, anyone would beat her. I saw her as another member of a political royal family, the Clintons. When it came down to Bernie versus Hillary, I was pulling for Bernie.  His political stance is far too liberal for my liking, but I liked Bernie for a reason I could never like Hillary, I trusted him.  I did not see Bernie as a member of a political royal family, and as much as I might disagree with his views, I trusted him.

For all the wrong reasons

The losers are protesting because they are angry. The winners voted for Trump because they are angry. When Hillary declared that Donald Trump's supporters are deplorables it made a lot of people angry. So angry that people would rather take their chances with a billionaire celebrity television host.

In analyzing the reasons for Trump's victory I saw long lists of reasons in different posts.  Just a perspective from the people I know, the single most important point for the support for Trump from the long list of reasons was that people were angry and wanted to change everything regardless of the consequences.

Hillary lost, Donald won, for all the wrong reasons, and everyone is angry. That's not cool.

Democracy is safe!

The election is over, it's time to move forward. Go beyond the Facebook memes and find the answers to how can you fix the things that bother you.  Civil war in America not likely, let go of the anger, make a new friend.  Democracy will be fine if we all work through this together.






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