Eliminate names of politicians and political parties from headlines

American Politics: The political bickering solves nothing and is getting old.Looking at news headlines, it appears that any story the traditional news media runs that talks about legislation must highlight the battle between political parties.

Here are the first four words of a recent news headline, "Senate GOP Blocks Obama..."

... and the story that follows begins with, "Senate Republicans dealt President Obama..."

You could use these examples to illustrate numerous news stories that begin with the names of a political party or politician that is winning or losing over the names of the other political party or politician.

Numerous comments on articles point to "you Republicans" or "all you liberals" as the cause of all the problems in society.

The political parties and politicians aren't the winners and losers, the citizens of the United States of American are the winners and losers.

The political bickering solves nothing and is getting old.

I write about technology legislation, things like net neutrality, privacy issues, and attempts to regulate the internet.  There are no easy answers to the issues.  

In most issues there are common interests and needs.  The key to regulation and legislation will involve understanding common ground and compromise.

State the facts, share your knowledge, and speak to concerns with the issues, not with the political party or politician.

Shouldn't the focus be on the issues?

"The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty." ... James Madison

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