My cult will show you that the truth is just a conspiracy

My cult will show you that the truth is just a conspiracyI have been researching many urban legends, trying to find out how they started. I look at the various myths and legends looking for an element of truth in what is an essentially false theory. It amazes me how many often published success stories, alleged quotes by famous people, and various other bits of knowledge accepted as fact, are based on internet mythology.

In the case of many urban legends, all it takes is one popular website to make a statement, without any reference to any specific time or place to put the statement into context, and the story gets a million hits. Then a dozen popular blogs quote that statement as their reference and write about it, and the statement becomes legendary. Then you "Google it" and there are ten websites that tell you this statement is true.

The phrase "truth by consensus" describes the philosophical theory of taking statements to be true simply because people generally agree upon them. Well if Google says it's true, it must be! The internet doesn't lie, does it?

We explore the origins of myths and legends

With the goal of seeking the truth and exposing the false conspiracies, the Tao of Questy will continue to be our home for commentary on current events and the rants of the day. Some people are too blind to see through the myths, others will blame the internet for all that is wrong in the world. I write about things where I spend a lot of time gathering information. I can assure you that anything I have written is based on verification of facts from a source as close to the events and individuals as possible or multiple sources of information from leading publications or references.

I look for answers from people who are as passionate about their topics and areas of interest, as I am about my interests. Anytime a claim is made or a fact is stated from a website or blog that does not appear to have first hand knowledge of the subject I make a note to follow up on it.  In a post on the Guru 42 blog I asked, "I really want to know what do you hate most about technology." As I reboot some of the Guru 42 websites I will address some of the feedback I received on that question. For me, what I hate most about technology is all the mindless misinformation being circulated on the internet.

Check out the links at the end of this post on the new articles on on myths and legends. As we reboot and refocus the World of Questy, we will also be adding our collection of inspirational life quotes, pearls of wisdom, and stories on the origins of popular idioms to the website.

The Tao of Questy is here to remind you, the internet is simply a reflection, it is a mirror of society. The internet itself does not create all the myths and misinformation, it just allows them to spread a lot more efficiently.

As the great song writer Billy Joel so aptly wrote, "We didn't start the fire It was always burning since the world's been turning."

Is the truth just a conspiracy?

There are many scammers and false prophets that take a question where where people have some doubt and create a sermon to answer the question. Then they run off and make it a cult.

The premise of the World of Questy is being a little bit crazy in order to maintain our sanity. I can believe in the possibility of many ideas outside the realm of "conventional wisdom" without having to join the cult of a madman.

Do I believe there is the possibility of life on other planets? Yes, absolutely!

Do I believe any of the information on the UFO websites telling me how aliens from other planets live among us? Hell no!

Do I believe the government withholds key information from the public about world events? Yes, absolutely!

Do I believe any of the information on the UFO websites telling me that every strange event is part of a government conspiracy? Hell no!

As I shake my head while reading someone's comments on a website, I ask "can you tell me the exact source of your information." The commenter replies back, "I read it on the Internet."

Sadly, I see many people in search of answers who become members of various cults, and don't even realize it.

I must be excited because the X-files are back on television, reminding me the truth is out there.


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