The fight for Net Neutrality isn't sexy, but you need to give a damn!

Dominate the Internet: Net neutrality and the fight for control

You say you don't care about Net Neutrality because it's a political issue that doesn't effect you?

If that is how you feel, then please, turn your computer off right now. And don't come back!

You need to give a damn!

If you decided to read on, rather than read a book, or go play rummy at the kitchen table, that's good.

Everyone should have a cause. Something that gets them fired up, but not only gets them fired up but uses that burst of energy to promote something for the common good.

Now let's get fired up!

Let me briefly explain the premise of Net Neutrality.

Assuming the internet itself is there for the common good, the next question is how do we govern how we use it?  (If you disagree, that the internet itself is there for the common good, that's a another argument for another day.)
If you jump, and say no one should control how we use the internet, ah, that becomes the issue.  A very complex one.

We don't want the government controlling the internet, writing laws that tell us where we can go on the internet, and giving big brother the right to watch us.

That's one side of the issue of internet freedom.

Here are a few questions to help you understand the other side of the issue.

Do you want Verizon to give you access to their web portal as part of your basic service, but charge an additional fee to use Yahoo as your web portal?  Do you want Comcast to give you access to their movies as part of your basic internet service, but limit your access to other services that provide online movies?  Should Comcast make it more difficult, or more expensive, if you want to use Netflix?

Wow, that doesn't sound cool, does it?

You like a equal level of access to all websites?  That is what Net Neutrality is all about. The "network" is "neutral" as far as how the traffic is controlled.

The Tao of Questy is more about social issues than technology, but Net Neutrality crosses over both areas.  I don't want the government putting this website on a blacklist for my social or political views.  I also don't want your internet service provider to charge you more to read what I have to say here because I am not part of their network.

This post probably won't get as much attention as one about Miley Cyrus twerking. Sadly, articles about some young pop singer showing off her body parts get read a lot more than ones about how your internet habits might change because of Net Neutrality.

Now do you give a damn?


Dominate the Internet: Net neutrality and the fight for control


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