Believe in Santa Claus

Believe in Santa Claus !!!

Believe in Santa Claus

The tradition of giving gifts in the winter feast began in ancient Rome.
Saint Nicholas lived many centuries ago.
Because of his deeds Saint Nicholas became the patron saint of children.
The spirit of Saint Nicholas, and the tradition of the winter feast
were handed down to Santa Claus.

The Legend of Santa Claus

Believe in Santa ClausIn 1995, I wrote the poem Believe in Santa Claus as a gift to my children. It was at the point in their lives where many children question the belief in Santa Claus and feel betrayed that Santa Claus is just a joke that adults play upon children.

As children grow up, it is also a time when adults reject the concept of Santa Claus because they claim it conflicts with their beliefs.

Some folks would have you think that to believe in Santa Claus is counter to the true meaning of Christmas.

But what is the true meaning of Christmas?


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