The Ocean Breezes

The ocean breezes were calling me,kids
and that's what matters most,
my soul called out to be baptized,
as I headed for the coast.

I took the back roads whenever I could,
There's a lot more red lights than there needs to be,
But I don't seem to care.

I walked up and down the beach for miles,
Let the ocean touch my soul,
My concept of time is all but gone,
and I don't seem to care.

I walked and walked for what felt like days,
Watched the breezes blow, small waves roll...
It matters not to where I'm going,
Just heading anywhere.
Sunset at the cape    

...and then I came to realize,
that nothing ever changes much,
at least not over night.

Your heart and soul
will steer your course,
they will tell you what to do.

Your heart and soul
will guide you right,
they'll tell when and where...


Photo of Laura and Lisa at Cape Henlopen, Delaware, 1996
Poem and Photo Copyright Tom Peracchio

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