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In search of cult heroes and forgotten geeks the truth is out there

In search of cult heroes and forgotten geeksWhen studying famous geeks, it is interesting to see how some inventors and scientists rise to the level of cult heroes, while others are totally forgotten. There are times where it appears that the Internet has given birth to the World Wide Weird with all the myths and legends. 

I started frequenting Quora about a year ago to get ideas for my Geek History website. The question and answer website Quora allows users to ask questions that are answered by its community of users. I wanted to see what kind of questions were typically being asked. There is so much hype and misinformation there, especially on topics like inventor Nikola Tesla, who is worshiped there like a god.

The cult hero status of Tesla on Quora is amazing.  I recently asked someone who was not a regular on Quora to visit Quora specifically to look at all the questions on Tesla, and he was amazed with all the questions, as well as all the mis-information being presented.

The fascination with Nikola Tesla may appear to be a more recent event on the internet because of sites like Quora, but that is in the context of the internet itself being a relatively new vehicle to discuss mysteries and conspiracy theories.  Many of the myths and legends that many websites now present as new discoveries of lost information have been around awhile.

The history of strange science

I have been interested in science and science fiction since the 1970s. Different topics seem to rise and fall from time to time over the years. Topics such as UFOs and conspiracy theories that I remember from various popular books and magazines in the 1970s and 1980s, are now being created as websites on the internet.

Reflections on Apple co-founder and cult hero Steve Jobs

Reflections on Apple co-founder and cult hero Steve JobsFriday marked the one year anniversary of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs's death. (October 5, 2012)  Apple posted a video tribute to Jobs on their website.

From my personal perspective through many years working in the technology field I felt it more appropriate to look at the life and legacy of Steve Jobs from my own philosophical perspective rather than a strictly technological viewpoint.

The mindset and motto of Apple Computers in the late 1990s was to think differently.  While it created a niche for individual computer users, the motto of think differently did not always play well in the world of corporate computers.

This niche of think differently computing created a group of strong willed individuals who formed a collective body of admirers of everything Apple with Steve Jobs as their leader. 

Apple Fanboys, as we affectionately call them, are the loyal followers that stand in line year after year, to own the latest iGadget, to be able to say they owned it from the start.


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