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Marketing 101 and how Pepsi succeeded

Outdoor Pepsi SignWith everything going on in the world it is amazing that the social media crowd is all wound up over a Pepsi advertisement. While there are those who rant just how stupid the Pepsi advertisement was, "How did Pepsi's ad even get off the drawing board?"(1) there are others who understand the nature of marketing stating that "Pepsi's New Ad Is a Total Success"(2)

Why all the outrage?

In a world at war, with so many problems, there are more worse things happening that need discussion than a television commercial.

I doubt that any one single television advertisement is going to make me switch political parties, likewise with my favorite sports teams, I won't switch.

I hate political labels, does it really matter if Republicans and Democrats started the debate, as long as there is a solution to the problem? Next to who is my favorite sports team and what political party I claim as my own, the next most polarizing topic in America might be, do I prefer Pepsi over Coke.

As far as Coke or Pepsi, I have my mind made up. But to a certain extent, whether I drink Coke or Pepsi is somewhat determined by where I eat. Most restaurants serve Coke or Pepsi, very few sell both.

If only our problems were as simple as the Facebook memes tell us

I have not seen any social media memes on better control of fertilizer and Kool-Aid. I think I will create one.There are times I question the value of online worlds like Facebook. On one hand Facebook is a very cool communications tool. I keep in touch with former coworkers, as I see them post updates as they celebrate the holidays with their friends and family. From time to time I have someone find me who I have not seen in many years, so I can reflect on just how old I am, and realize, damn I'm getting old.

But for all the cool things I can say about Facebook, the interaction of personal updates with friends and family is getting drowned out more and more by the Facebook memes with political and social agendas. If you want to talk about politics or religion, I am cool with that. But please, don't bombard me with thirty second solutions to all the problems of society. In the case of the social media memes, the battle back and forth comes down to one point that will decide everything. I could come up with many examples, here are just a few.

Meme #1: Gun Control

The cute cartoons and sound bites of statistics tell me if only we could better regulate guns, mass violence would go away because crazy people and assorted lunatics would not have access to the tools that kill us. I understand guns kill, and I understand the need to regulate them. I also was trained as a nuclear biological and chemical defense specialist in the military. I was amazed at all the ways someone could kill you if they really wanted.

One of the largest attacks of terror on American soil by a home grown terrorist was committed by Timothy McVeigh on April 19, 1995, who used a truck load of fertilizer at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The explosion killed 168 people and injured over 600 others.

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