Believe in Santa Claus!!!

In 1995, I wrote the poem Believe in Santa Claus as a gift to my children. This is a very personal piece for me, please do not reuse it with out permission! I have had it posted on my personal websites since 1998. I am flattered by how many times this poem, Believe in Santa Claus, has been stolen and re-posted over the years, I guess that is a commentary to its meaning.

Believe in Santa Claus !!!

The tradition of giving gifts in the winter feast began in ancient Rome.
Saint Nicholas lived many centuries ago.
Because of his deeds Saint Nicholas became the patron saint of children.
The spirit of Saint Nicholas, and the tradition of the winter feast
were handed down to Santa Claus.

You say that Santa Claus is just a joke,
You say that Santa Claus conflicts with your beliefs.

Santa Claus has nothing to do with capitalism and marketing.
Santa Claus has nothing to do with shopping malls and parking.

You see the man in the bright red suit and say he isn't real.
If you take the time to learn who Santa was, and believe in who he is,
You'll understand it's not the man you see that counts,
but the feelings that you feel.

Santa Claus is real,
as real as a warm fireplace on a cold winter night.
as real as a smile that turns darkness into light.

Santa Claus is real,

as real as the spirit to give rather than to receive,
as real as human nature and the Will to Believe.

To believe in Santa Claus is to believe in childhood and charity.
To believe in Santa Claus is to be at peace with how you feel.
To believe in Santa Claus is to believe in the simplicity of love
and the complexity of human nature.

So if you do not believe in Santa,
then I guess you just don't understand,
The spirit of giving and the warmth of a child's smile,
is what makes us real.

... Believe.

The photo on this poem is not from 1995 when this poem was written, it was taken in 2006 at Disney California Adventure.

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